Plastic Protection From UV Light


This isn’t for everyone, mostly those who are in climates with a lot of sun or who’s truck will be exposed to lots of UV.

I did this on my 3G and it worked out really well.

I use chemical guys nonsense cleaner, chemical guys VRP, an interior brush and microfiber towels.

Step 1: clean your interior plastics and rubber with the nonsense cleaner. I usually cut it to about 10% power because this cleaner is strong and the point of using it is only to lift the oils on the plastics and rubbers do the protective layers bond isn’t inhibited. So in a separate bottle mix distilled water and the nonsense at a 10:1 ratio. For large areas like dash and door panels use a microfiber and smaller areas like ac vents, speakers and controls use an interior brush.

Step 2: wipe everything you’ve cleaned with the nonsense solution with water and a clean microfiber.

Step 3: use a microfiber applicator pad to lay down the vrp, make sure to cover every bit of plastic the you can and personally I go behind and wipe off any excess with a clean microfiber to keep the sheen down.

You’ll have more of a satin finish after this process but in a weeks time just give everything one last wipe down and voila, factory finish that is protected so you can feel free to clean post trail/camping with just a wet rag.

Repeat this process as needed, I typically do it about twice a year. It keep the materials moisturized and provides a layer of protection for UV so your interior stay looking newer longer and will hold up better to scuffs and bumps bc the superficial layer isn’t drying out.

Highly recommended if you have a dog that typically rides the trails or joins you in the truck regularly because those dirty paw prints wipe right off.



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