NYTOP Rear Recovery Point Install

Finally got the chance to install my NYTOP Rear Recovery Points today and super happy with how easy the install was. Basically just threading two large bolts with some washers on each end and torquing them to spec.

I will note that you will need a 15/16 socket and a wrench (one for each end while tightening) for this install as the bolts are quite large. Another thing is one of the bolts is longer than the other and you will want to put this bolt through the hole closer to the NYTOP logo as the shorter one doesn't allow enough threads to pass through the nut.

With this is mind, you use two of the thicker washers as spacers between the outer end of the frame and the recovery point and the smaller washers for each end of the nuts and bolts. After threading everything through and tightening it down, you torque down all the bolts to 146 ft-lbs and then you've got recovery points!

Super easy and they're solid! According to their website, there is a working load limit of 9,000lbs each on the SR, SR5, TRD Prerunner and TRD Sport models; and 13,000lbs each on the TRD Off-road, TRD-Pro and Trailhunter models.

Overall super happy with how easy it was and the look!


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