fitting 0 Offset wheels on a 4th gen Tacoma


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Pictures of everything will be included below!

Recently installed a set of 17x9 Lock off road wheels and Arroyo Tamarock A/T 285/70/r17 tires and wasn't sure if they were going to fit so I thought I'd throw what I found up on here.

So this is a 32.7" tire on a 0 offset wheel and it just barelyyyy doesn't fit. At full steering lock only in reverse I can hear the tread catching the bottom of the bumper. The fix for this? Simply unbolt the fender liner from the bottom of the bumper, tuck it into the bumper and put the bolt back in. This seemed to clear up basically all the rubbing besides on just my passenger front tire sometimes at full lock again only in reverse I can hear it rub a little but nothing that bothers me enough to actually cut the bumper.

I also recently took this setup off road expecting to be convinced I would have to cut the bumper after but no! Pleasantly surprised even under full compression the tires don't seem to hit the fenders or rub even at full lock.

I will warn that while my setup does fit it is very tight. Talking a fraction of an inch in the tightest scenarios so even just your alignment being a little different than mine could mean you'll rub more and if you go to a full 33" tire with 0 offset I'm pretty sure you'd have to do just a little bit of light clearing.

Anyways good luck and let me know if you have any questions!



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Ooof you’re playing with fire, I’d be too uncomfortable with that fitment too close for comfort but if it works for you it works for you hahaha.
Ooof you’re playing with fire, I’d be too uncomfortable with that fitment too close for comfort but if it works for you it works for you hahaha.
Yeah for sure. That's why I did a slow test off road going through the range of motion. Seemed fine! and the only thing it would rub if it did would be the solid part of the fender behind the tire or the little piece of flimsy plastic in front of the tire that I pictured so really not worried. Would for sure have to do some trimming on any bigger of a tire if you kept the same offset though
You are not lifted, correct? Also to note I see 8 and 8.5" rims more commonly so that gave you a little extra poke. I am about to put 8.5" wide 0 Offset RRW wheels on 285/75s Wildpeaks and my tire shop says no way. So we will see whos laughing as I pull off their lot in 8 point turns.


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